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  • Candyfloss
  • Biscuit - Cookie
  • cake pops
  • Cupcake

    The cupcake, the small cake or fairy's cake is a small cake of American origin often very colored in individual portion, having the form of the muffin but the different composition.

    Cooked in a paper mold or in silicone, he is generally covered with glazing and sometimes decorated.

    Originally, the glazing is salted, but it was transformed little by little into a glazing sweetened with for example some butter cream or whipped cream either Italian meringue or Swiss meringue, ....

  • chocolate

    Whether chocolate pebbles to melt, colored pastilles for your lollipops, cake pops, candy, silicone molds for your original creations or any other material to work your chocolate, everything is here.

  • Edible decoraciones

    Espace-Création offers food decorations to add to your cupcakes and decorated cakes. Choose between edible pearls, food flakes, sugar figurines, flowers, sugar, etc ...

  • donuts
  • cakes
  • ice cream
  • the macaroons
  • the meringues
  • Small appliance
  • gluten free / kosher
  • All for sugar
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