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Modeling clay

The modeling clay is a play of enlightenment, intended to create by modeling and manipulating a colored paste. Malleable to infinity, non-toxic modeling clay can be used from two years, and allow the child to work his dexterity and creativity while having fun!

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  • Modeling clay...

    Foam Clay: A modeling clay with a soft, light and elastic texture.

    • Do not stick to fingers, do not stain, do not crumble, do not crack when curing in the air. Mixable colors between them.
    • The FOAM CLAY contains microbeads and allows you to create objects, characters ... in volume. It also allows to decorate all types of supports by covering: polystyrene objects, textile supports, paintings, flat wooden supports, papier mâché cardboard objects, terracotta ... without any need for glue.
    • Air curing, depending on thickness: 24 to 72 hours
    • The pasta, delivered in airtight containers, is thus kept away from the air to ensure their total quality. If by mistake or error a paste has begun to harden, you can rehydrate it by spraying a little water and mixing it vigorously. The dough thus regains its elasticity.

    • FOAM CLAY can be combined with SOFT CLAY pasta within the same creation to obtain interesting effects.

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Showing 1 - 1 of 1 item
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