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food markers and brushes

Felt pens and food brushes are very useful for writing and drawing some details about your creations.

They are ready to use and thus avoid waste.

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  • white chalk food pen
  • edible ink markers of...
  • edible ink markers of...
  • edible ink markers of...
  • double-sided food art...

    The Double Sided Food Pen from Rainbow Dust can be used on two sides, one side has a fine nib from 0,5 mm and the other side has a thick nib from 2,5 mm. The pen is in particular suitable for the charactering modeling work such as eyes and cilia on faces and veins on petals and flowers. The pen is available in 23 different colors.

    The special food ink dries quickly and is better for fine work than paint and a brush. The pen works the best on a hard surface, so let your marzipan, fondant or gum paste dry little bit before you use the pen. This will give the best result. Store the double sided pen tightly closed in order to prevent dehydration. If the pen is dehydrated, use a little bit water on the nib.

    The pen is not suitable for coloring large surfaces. For large surfaces you could use food paint or a paint made of color dust and rejuvenator spirit. The ink in the pen is on water base and not suitable for coloring chocolate and Candy Melts.

    Ingredients: humectant, water, glycerine, glycol, E102. E102 may have an adverse effect on activity and attention children.

    Allergens: suitable for vegetarians, gluten free, Kosher and GM Free

  • edible ink markers of...

    Flagship product to write or draw on her pastries. The alternative to the piping bag, the ideal tool for children or those looking for simplicity and the alternative to sugar dough: organic chocolate, the absence of preservatives, additives or azo dyes. For a successful decoration between creative hobbies and pastry!

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Showing 1 - 12 of 26 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 26 items
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