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  • Accessories - various...

    Espace-Création offers you a little tour in the sweet and salty world to help you find various useful utensils or accessories so that you can work peacefully in the kitchen.

  • the balloons
  • Cake boxes - logs -...

    Espace-Création offers transport boxes for your pastry creations and multi-storey parts.
    Ideal to transport your creations safely, but also to present them !!

  • the candles
  • ready-to-use decorations
  • Tip and piping bags

    Espace-Création offers pastry tips of all kinds as well as piping bags for your creams, glazes, ganaches, whipped cream, ...

  • Dummy / Polystyrene

    The dummy or a dummy cake polystyrene is used to enlarge your cakes. They give more breadth.

    It is a lightweight material and easy to work. Polystyrene forms are varied: round, square, rectangular, ball, cone, etc ...

  • Inedible figurines

    Espace-Création offers decorations such as figurines according to your theme to add to your cupcakes and decorated cakes.

    Choose from our selection!

  • Baking mold, dessert,...

    Espace-Création invites you to make a small tour of the sweet and savory world to find your mold designed for decorative pastry or cake design.

    Of all our molds, you will find your ideal.

  • Acrylic plate and...

    Get clean and smooth edges using our acrylic ganache plates.

    Tip : Do not wash your acrylic plates in the dishwasher! They could become deformed in the long run.

  • Preparations and...

    Espace-Création invites you to do a little tour of the world in our various flavors, ingredients, soaking syrup, icing, etc ... in order to vary the gustatory pleasures of your cakes, cupcakes, cookies, ...

  • display stand
  • Cakeboard

    The cake board is used to make or support your cake.

    There are different shapes, different thicknesses and different colors.

  • lace mat

    The lace mold allows you to create lace for decorating your cakes, cupcakes and also for your creations in cold porcelain or other material. To use with a mixture for lace.

  • topper

    Espace-Création offers decorations such as the toppers to add to your cupcakes and decorated cakes.

    Choose from our selection !

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items
Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items
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