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  • All for gourmands!
  • Sugar Paste / Flower /...

    Espace-Création proposes you several marks of fondant.

    Ready for use, fondant serve as edible decorations to embellish your cakes, cupcakes, cookies,... on one hand, by their colors, on the other hand, by their forms, their modelling...

  • Party articles & &...

    It is time to party! Check out our wide selection of articles and topics ranging from birthdays of children to adult parties, through celebrations like Christmas or Halloween!

  • Colour and Paint

    Food colors allow you to give a desired color to your sugar paste to your cake or your cupcake.

    Food dyes are also used to paint.

    They exist in gel, liquid, spray or powder.

    Powdered dyes are often used to give relief to your sugar paste, sugar modeling your or your sugar flowers. The powders can become liquid by adding a hint of lemon juice or vodka ...

  • Boxes and kits
  • Book
  • For the creative...
  • Cold porcelain

    Cold porcelain modeling is a creative leisure that comes from Brazil It is a modeling clay easy to make, magic to work and the beauty of the result is unique, the creations are extremely solid. Once your creation is complete, no need to cook your modeling porcelain. It hardens when drying in the open air. Another advantage: the price! You can make larger quantities of cold porcelain: it is much cheaper per kilo than other common polymer pastes.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 235 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 235 items
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