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Marvelous Molds

The products produced by Marvelous Molds are made with only the highest grade of food grade silicone which produces food safe molds that work perfectly with chocolate, fondant, gum paste, candy and more.

But do not think that food safe molds are limited to be used as food molds, every one we make performs just as remarkably with arts and crafts ...

The products produced by Marvelous Molds are made with only the highest grade of food grade silicone which produces food safe molds that work perfectly with chocolate, fondant, gum paste, candy and more.

But do not think that food safe molds are limited to be used as food molds, every one we make performs just as remarkably with arts and crafts materials like polymer clay, plaster, candle wax, soap and much more. 


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  • Border

    Cake border molds are becoming a very valuable tool since they empower the cake decorator to achieve new heights in cake decoration by producing intricately designed cake borders that add the perfect finishing touch to an overall cake design. Our silicone cake border molds are made twice the length of Pi (6.28 inches) which means that they will fit around any even diameter cake without overlapping. Each border mold has been created to produce designs that can be placed end to end to create a seamless border of any length. Crafters and artists around the world have discovered that even though these silicone cake border molds have been designed for cakes they work very well in arts and craft mediums also.

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  • Texture

    Silicone impression mats are used to create attractive patterns and textures in the surface of edible materials like fondant and gumpaste and also for craft materials like artist and polymer clay. Traditionally, impression mats have been made from vacuum formed plastic sheets which create a product that lacks the flexibility and non-stick properties of a true impression mat. Impression mats made by Marvelous Molds® represent a great improvement in the design of impression mats and exhibit deep and distinct details sculpted into every mat to insure outstanding performance. All impression mats are made of the highest quality food grade silicone resulting in a durable, textured sheet that releases easily and is flexible enough to conform to the shape of almost any surface.

  • Animals

    When trying to reproduce an animal pattern, it is so important that it looks authentic and portrays the animal’s style realistically. Conventional, animal stencils may not be the best tool to use when trying to accomplish this task. Instead, Animal Silicone Onlays® are 3D stencils that place a pattern on a surface that is made from just about any moldable material like cake fondant or clay. The raised effect created by the Silicone Onlays can go a long way in creating an artistically convincing result that is different from the customary stenciled art that is commonplace today. Animal Silicone Onlays® are 3D stencils that are perfect for cake decorating and arts & crafts projects.

  • Feather

    Until now, it has always been assumed that a truly realistic feather mold could not be made since the details of a real feather are as fine as human hairs. We, at marvelous Molds, took this as a challenge and hand sculpted finely detailed feathers in clay, then transformed these feather designs into the molds pictured on this page. Simply take this two sided feather mold and use it with fondant, gumpaste or even clay to produce feathers your friends, relatives and customers will think is absolutely real.

  • baby
  • Alphabet - Numbers

    Flexabets are remarkable cake decorating tools that create letters, numbers and phrases quickly, easily and perfect every time. Flexabets are a combination silicone mold and cutter that makes quick work of the traditionally difficult task of personalizing cakes with phrases and inscriptions. 

  • Button

    Button molds are extremely versatile because they come in all shapes and sizes. Since buttons have been an important part of the fashion industry, they have been designed into many appealing shapes over the past hundred years. Our button molds represent a collection of the most beautiful vintage and contemporary buttons and can be used as fabulous embellishments for cake decorating and candy making. Silicone button molds are also a big hit for any arts and crafts molding project.

  • Brooch

    Our silicone brooch molds capture all the stunning beauty of faceted gemstones arranged in classic jewelry styles and can be used to produce dazzling cake decorations and decorative arts and crafts. Every brooch mold is expertly made to reproduce the minute details of each faceted gem which is immediately apparent when observing the fabulous shine captured in each and every brooch mold cavity. Our shining, silicone brooch molds produce glistening chocolate and sugar creations and offer amazing opportunities with many arts and craft materials. Brooch molds provide anyone with the opportunity to take the classic style and beauty of jewelry and apply it to other mediums in order to create a totally new artistic representation in the medium of your choice.

  • Buckle

    Edible shoes, handbag, boot, purse and luggage cakes are just some of the creations that are finished perfectly with the addition of the buckles in this collection. Only after painstaking work in developing each buckle design where the realistic details captured in these amazing silicone molds which produce mind blowing buckle reproductions. Trust us when we say, “Buy one of these buckles and when you use it, you’ll giggle to think they are edible!”

  • Floral

    The Royal Garden Silicone Mold Collection is a beautiful ensemble of borders, medallions and a panel ornamented with bouquets of flowers. Create glorious cake designs for weddings, birthdays, Mother’s Day and more using fondant, gum paste, modeling chocolate or isomalt with this lavish floral collection of garlands, sprays and other accents. The Royal Garden designs were inspired by antique jewelry, bestowing the delicate look of flowers, frills and elegance to grace your most sophisticated cakes.

  • Swag

    The Swag Mold Collection by Marvelous Molds® includes thirteen beautiful designs to quickly transform your cakes into visions of elegance. This exquisite silicone mold assortment includes coordinating swags, borders and drops to use together or mix and match. If you’ve ever decorated a cake with fondant swags, you know how much time is involved in rolling out the fondant and then cutting and forming the swags over dowels to make each one. Creating uniform swags around an entire cake requires lots of measuring and the fondant often cracks, which adds to the difficulty. Now you can create the dramatic look of swags simply by pressing fondant, gum paste or modeling chocolate into our innovative silicone molds creating perfect designs every time. Decorate an entire cake like a professional in just a few easy steps and never deal with cracked fondant again!

  • Bow

    Whether the project is a beautiful wedding cake or a high fashion shoe made from sugar, the right bow can really set the whole look and serve as a delightful focal point. The collection of bow mold designs shown here were made in response to requests from cake decorators around the world who suggested styles of bows that would shine on a cake. 

  • Knit

    You may be wondering how to use this new line of knit cake decorating molds in a way that captures such a wide range of applications and our advice is to relax in the knowledge that the extraordinary creativity of Anne Heap’s creations, featured throughout this category, will show you how to achieve the full potential this amazing line of silicone molds can offer.

  • Fashion

    If there is anyone who knows how to make High Fashion Cakes, it’s Elisa Strauss who practically invented the genre. This collection of molds represent the essential tools deemed by Elisa to be almost essential when striving to get that realistic look when making handbag cakes, edible high heel shoes or any other fashion oriented cake. Marvelous Molds® is proud to introduce this collection of molds that captures Elisa’s sense of style an intricately designed mold that will produce amazingly realistic edible objects that look exactly like fashion accessories only available in the finest stores around the world.

  • Tiara

    The patented silicone technology of our tiara molds make the job of creating tiaras very quick and easy since the self-contained trimming blade cuts fondant or gumpaste with a clean outer edge. Traditionally, tiaras have been difficult to make by hand and were very delicate often breaking prematurely. The open work (we call them windows) present in these incredible tiara designs are also cut by the trimming blade in these silicone tiara molds to create a sophisticated, realistic reproduction that is simply incredible. Weddings, Sweet Sixteen and Quinceañera are just a few examples of celebrations where a fantastic tiara made from sugar, chocolate or fondant/gumpaste can be an impressive embellishment to a cake or cupcake display. All made possible by using this innovative tiara mold created by Marvelous Molds.

  • Ocean and Seashell

    Our Ocean and Seashell Molds selection presents authentic tropical seashell designs, ocean scenes and nautical designs carefully hand-sculpted to create beautiful decorations for your beach and seaside cakes, cupcakes and more. Marvelous Molds® has chosen the most collectible and intriguing seashells as models for our lifelike, silicone mold replicas. Decorations made in gum paste, fondant or chocolate from any of these masterfully constructed ocean and seashell molds can be used alone for stand-out embellishments or combined together to create your own ocean theme cake.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 134 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 134 items
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