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  • Americolor (gluten...

    Soft Gel Paste is an effective colouring system It's consistent from batch to batch It has colouring strength superior to any other food colour It will not separate and does not harden The base ingredients allow the colour to disperse immediately so you actually use less colour It will colour 

  • ProGel

    The highly concentrated food coloring ProGel Rainbow Dust is the new trend in food coloring! A small amount of ProGel enough to give a deep, rich color to your creations. Dye tubes last so long. Simply add a little ProGel your fondant, marzipan, butter cream, cookie dough and other chocolate to see him transform into the desired color.

    Each gel is packed in a plastic tube easy to use color-matched. The tubes are sealed under screw cap. Just break the seal and press the tube so that the gel flows.

    Directions : Add some gel fondant or marzipan and knead all to evenly mix the color to the dough. Repeat until the desired color. Marzipan or fondant colored is now ready to decorate your cake!

    Ingrédients : glycerol, silicon dioxide, propylene glycol, coloring agents (E133, E122 and E155). The dye E122 can negatively influence the activities and attention of children.

    Allergens: no nuts, no GMO, gluten, it produces kosher and halal certified suitable for vegetarians.

    25 g tube

  • Rainbow Dust Paint It

    The Rainbow Dust Paint It! is an easy to use, opaque paint for cake decorating. Apply the paint straight from the container using a suitable brush or a natural sponge (for larger areas) and you will get great results every time!

    Suitable for use on sugarpaste, marzipan, flowerpaste and other modelling pastes.

    Packed in a handy retail container.

    Ingredients: humectant: glycerine, propylene glycol thickener: silicone dioxide, colours: E153, E122, E102, E133, emulsifier: soya lecithin. E102 may have an adverse effect on the activity and attention in children. For allergens see ingredients in bold.

    This product is nut free, GM free, gluten free, suitable for vegetarians and vegans, suitable for lactose intolerance and Certified Kosher.

    Content: 25 ml.

  • Rolkem

    Food coloring, non-toxic, edible, super concentrated natural pigments .

    no taste, no sugar, no Glycerin

    The gel can directly be mixed with your sugar dough, modelling paste, pastillage, gumpaste, and also the royal icing and butter cream.

    The gel is also water soluble, allowing you to mix directly into the chocolate.

  • Tempera de BeMagenta

    Tempera is a gel food coloring that can be used as a paint, on chocolate, icing, sugar paste, modeling paste, short pastry, etc.

  • Sugarflair

    Sugarflair Colours are ideal for colouring buttercream, sugarpaste, royal icing and many more. Use a toothpick and add a tiny amount at a time to build up to required shade.

  • Rainbow Dust
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Showing 1 - 12 of 134 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 134 items
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